Fitness bandes Crossfit

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  • Several resistance levels: 5 bands with 5 resistance levels, it can effectively stretch and exercise all the muscles of the body, stabilize posture and control the stretching distance, effectively improve physical activity capacity and shape the body curve . you can choose according to the intensity of your training.
  • Latex material: We choose 100% natural latex, smooth like silk, they are very comfortable on the skin even after the longest workouts, you don't have to worry because it will be rough on the skin and cause a sensation burns on wrists or ankles when stretched.
  • Wide application: These resistance bands are not only used for sports and fitness, experienced athletes or just beginners for fitness training. (especially young people and women with little strength), but also for people with leg, knee and back injuries.
  • Portable with carrying bag: This stretchy band is flexible and easy to carry as there is a portable bag on which you can target the muscles where you want to work and train anywhere at any time.